Taekwondo: Not Just A Sport But A Way Of Life!

Here at Sidekick Taekwondo, we have many qualified Black Belts, each with many years of experience. Some with experience in Taekwondo, and others with experience in other different styles. Although Taekwondo is the foundation of our style, and we follow the guidelines of forms and promotions in accordance to the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), we also teach parts of other styles such that students get the benefit of knowing what other martial arts are like. We encourage all students to expand their knowledge of all martial arts, and most importantly, to pass on that knowledge to other students. We teach that achieving a black belt is really the beginning of any martial arts experience. At that point, the student finally understands how much there is to learn. The amount of knowledge is endless, and thus the experience can last a lifetime. Best of all, it can passed on.

Cardio Kickboxing Specials

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Taekwondo Specials

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